Health Care Programs

Beginning in 2003, Jane Hight McMurry developed a continuing education and professional speaking series, “Creating a Health Care Culture of Excellence” for Decatur General Hospital to equip leaders, primarily physicians with high levels of education and technical expertise, with the skills they need beyond education and technical training to reach maximum effectiveness leading and working with others. Customized presentations now educate a variety of allied health care professionals including medical, dental, pharmaceutical professionals, nurses, assistants, clinicians, social workers, dietitians, support staff, administrators, directors, and managers.


The Winning Difference 

          Creating a Health Care Culture of Excellence

Accelerate as a health care professional when you learn 10 galvanizing actions that make The Difference in reaching excellence. You will learn 10 actions in a behind the scenes look at what top achievers in health care and other fields did to achieve A-List results. Music, movement, and first-hand stories about some of the most successful people on the planet (Muhammad Ali, Oprah,     The Beatles, Michael Phelps and others) make this a session you don't want to miss.

After this session, participants will be able to:

1. Use the Michael Phelps' method to achieve health care goals.

2. Implement Oprah's technique to get co-workers and patients to follow your lead.

3. Apply the L.A.S.T. model to solve problems and create opportunities.

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